A wet day on the river, is better than a dry day in the office

After a wet Friday on the loch, Mr Nelson said to me, looking on the bright side, the bonus of the rain is the rivers will be up a good bit, we could probably run the Tweed now, are you available anytime this week? so after much arm twisting, a holiday was booked off work he even managed to persuade Lisa and Celia to do a bit of white knuckle white water :))
We headed to the car park ar Peebles dropped of all the gear and swiftly headed down to Walkerburn to drop off the vehicles as we were cutting it just fine to catch the next bus back, however we made it in plenty of time as someone read the timetable wrong :P at least it was dry and warm.
so after eventually catching the bus then realizing I only had a couple of £ in the car and the money for the bus was indeed in Lisa’s purse (that old chestnut again) I was back on the tap to Mr Nelson, we eventually made it back and into the water in good time.
With many squeals and a few Mayfly’s for lunch,with even a bit of swimming from Lisa (on purpose of course) just trying out the new dry suit, a great day was had and it even stayed dry despite the forecast for torrential rain all day, and then a well deserved cuppa from the camper courtesy of Celia and treated to a lovely home made scone (with no butter) :)) then it was off to Melrose for a bite to eat where we met up with one of Jim’s old ship buddy’s after a few old reminiscing tales of days gone by, it was sadly time to head home for some as we had work to go to. I can’t wait to retire :))
Thanks for another great day, even though it was a last minute thing it all turned out well. I can’t wait for the next Lazy river ride. :nice_hat:
Video Tweed