Young Lauren Writes…

I had an amazing time in Arisaig some of my best highlights were coming from Strathaven to Arisaig on an 5 hr trip! Anyway when we got there I had to direct my gran into a parking space with her “Fancy van” I also enjoyed walking Joolz dog Abbey although when I was walking her everyone thought we were hiding her in the van as our dog! I wish she was though.One of my most enjoyable parts of Arisaig was paddling around with Jill and Isla (Jim Nelson’s daughter and granddaughter). Even though that day Jim, Jill and Isla had to go home because of a tent leakage. On the first day I got there I found some hermit crabs and I named them Jack and Jill although Jack tried to pinch Billy without him noticing, they were quite well behaved.I was so relieved that I got to use my go pro and I got some good footage of muscles, clams and sea urchins along with some baby jelly fish. I mostly enjoyed coming to Arisaig and would love to come again well if the weather is good hope everyone had a good time and had a safe journey home thanks everyone that made it special – Lauren