NOTE: Due to a difficulty with providing coaching support, we cannot currently accept memberships for children under 12 years old.

So you want to join the fun?

Firstly – please complete and send the simple enquiry form that you will find in the ‘Contact’ tab on this website. This is to satisfy our safeguarding procedures.

You will then be contacted and invited to take part in three of our Friday club nights (though at times we do have to operate a waiting list). This is just so that we can get to know each other before making the commitment of taking a full membership. You can participate in club activities during these sessions but please note that priority is given to existing members.

We welcome new members throughout the year. Full details of memberships and prices are further down the page.

All subscriptions are for 12 months and renew on the anniversary of joining.

We use an online membership system and take payment securely by BACS, and by cash.

8 yrs. is the minimum age for membership. Additionally, all ‘Child Members’ (8-12 yrs) will require to have a parent/guardian present for any club activity that they attend.