Sinking of the Bismarck on a dodle over to Dunoon 23 June

Jim put finger to key…
As my first proper sea trip and as I got wet I felt it was my job to write up today’s report.
I have been put off lately with not having proper transport to borrow a club boat and that my boat and only that boat seem to fit inside my van.
So at last minute I asked if my boat would be ok for today’s paddle back came the reply “yes you’ll be fine ” from Neil So I duly turned up at Lunderston Bay with Kayak ( Bismarck ) and all my kit.
We set off with Jim and Karen,Jim (that’s a fiver) Celia myself and Neil and headed towards Cloch Point so I could get over my slight nerves all going well but feeling I am working too hard ( a flat bottomed bath tub does not glide through the water like a sea boat). Neil was going to regret the Bismarck later. not long into our crossing in a slight sea state and feeling more comfortable apart from my speed Jim spotted some porpoises dead ahead and of course I take my eye off the ball for a second but all’s well no spills this time.
A very lovely crossing was had with more porpoises and a short stop to allow the car ferry priority into hunters Quay and then off up the Holy Loch for Lunch.
After Lunch we headed down the shore to Dunoon and put ashore for ice creams before crossing back to our put in at Lunderston giving way to a couple of sailing craft (hoping as I was to end up on the deck of a nuclear Sub)
Celia had commented at the start of the trip that I really ought to have done a capsize and rescue before today’s adventure so I VOLUNTEERED for today’s swim.
After returning to shore and leaving my van keys my phone money and dry rations with Karen i set back out too my impending doom. Neil explained what was going to happen and how it would all work and after soaking my head and face several times and a few times more (brain Freeze was what was bothering me the most ) over I went.
No problem getting out the boat and keeping hold of her was easy always wondered how that works with a life jacket on and not too cold on the brain cells (guess I don’t have that many then) Bobbing about at the front of Neil’s Kayak and not too bothered about the water temp I was beginning too wonder how long Neil was going to be getting my bathtub over his deck (should it be this long should I offer to help perhaps someone else should assist) Several pulls later he got the tub over the deck and managed to get at least some of the water out. Even if I do say so myself the re entry was executed to perfection first time with Neil stabilising both our craft and I got to use my pump out for the first time too. Back on shore feeling rather awesome with myself( like the guy who has just invented a virgin train to Wigan)
I discovered why Neil was taking so long to get my tub over his deck although the rear cover stayed firmly put the bulkhead behind my seat is not sealed and everything in the rear hold was swimming in water .Better to learn this now than on a camping trip No dry clothes, dry bags stuffed too full and all wet inside, Flask lid when removed also had water inside, First Aid kit soaked although in a water proof bag and emergency repair kit now laid out on the table to dry off. The only good piece of kit was the pump out which worked a treat.

Just very thankful I had taken the time to leave my nose bag ashore It’s a long drive back to Motherwell

Thanks to everyone for making my day so much fun

Anyone wanting to buy a slightly used bath tub ?