The Bonnie Banks …

I suppose at this time of year folk are busy being busy and with Neil being smitten by a stomach bug it was a wee team that took to the water at Aldochlay on the bonnie bonnie banks. We decided, Theresa, Arthur and I, that we would have a relaxing paddle amongst the islands and not go too far or too fast! We were on the water by about 10:30 (I think) and headed in a generally North Eastyerly direction towards Inchlonaig. The original plan was to paddle round the North shore but decided en route to stay on the South side to catch the rays! We then headed SSW around Bucinch to Inchcruin where yours truly was momentarily confused about the direction of the next leg but Arthur and Theresa brought their map reading skills to bear and made sure we were going the right way! The wind suddenly picked up between Inchfad and Inchcruin and Arthur had his first experience of kayaking in waves including sideyonies! Needless to say he took it in his stride!

Lunch was at the beach on the northern shore of Inchmoan followed by a leisurely paddle back via the channel between Inchconnachan and Inchtavannach. We were off the water about 2:15 (I think) and it was pleasant to be changing in what was left of the afternoon sun.

An enjoyable day out in good company!