Cold hands – cold bum

On a cold, but beautiful winter morning Stuart and I set off from Lunderston Bay and headed north to the Cloch Lighthouse.

We were expecting some strong winds, but what hit us as we rounded the Cloch was gusting force 5 and hitting us right on the chest, we could feel the strength of it on the paddles as it clawed at them every stroke. The tide was also against us at that point. That stretch was a real slog.

The sun was shining strongly and the snow on the hills beyond Holy Loch and Loch Long was simply breathtaking – as I’m sure Stuart’s photos will evidence.

Even at this time of year this is a pretty busy stretch of water with constant ferry crossings, a warship and even a container ship passing us.

The Dunoon – Hunter’s Quay Ferry (the big orange & white ones) was in dock in Gourock as we approached it and decided to slip behind it and under its loading ramp. Simple enough, but as we emerged we got hammered by its bow thruster clashing with some serious clapotis back off the sea wall.

The rollers were fairly strong as we reached our lunch stop at a small beach just short of the point of Gourock directly opposite Kilcreggan. I made it out of the boat while afloat but then lost my balance and landed on my bum in 2 feet of water – TRIP REPORT!!!!!!

Stuart managed to cook his soup without spilling 2/3rds of it this time.

After lunch and in a bit calmer waters, we headed on around the point and into Gourock Bay where we headed for the Battery Park area before turning for our return journey.

With a wary eye on the berthed Gourock – Kilcreggan Ferry (the smaller blue & white ones), we decided to head out of the bay ahead of it.

The return journey still had wee chunky bits in it, but by now the wind had dropped and the tide had turned in our favour so we made it back smoothly enough, just glorying in all the natural beauty around us. This may just be the very first paddle anywhere along this stretch of coast and down past Portencross, where I haven’t seen one single seal all day.

The sun was getting low, but was stunning, as we pulled up onto the sand at Lunderston Bay. You’ll be pleased to learn that this time, my bum stayed dry.

What a glorious way to spend a chilly winter day. I honestly don’t understand why all you folks insist on going to work instead of joining us.


PS. 15.2 Km – it felt like more!


Lunderston 29 Nov 2017