Veterans Outing – Clyde 19th August

From the pen of Len…
At short notice, Billy & Kenny decided to paddle the Clyde last Sunday, and quickly contacted some members to keep them company.

The result was an outing for the elder statesmen of the club –Billy, Kenny, Stuart, John G & Len.

Everything was going well with shuttles, etc. until I discovered that I had lost my camera. Commence multiple trails up and down from the get-in to the car park, scouring the ground in search of the missing camera, but with no luck. We were just about to chuck it when eagle-eyed Gaffney spotted it lying in the small burn next to the get-in, and Billy retrieved it. It must have fell out of my kayak and bounced!

Finally on the water, we set off.


The level had been pretty low, but some overnight rain had lifted the level from about 0.4 to about 0.55. Still low but paddleable.

Kenny reckoned that he had not been on a river for four years, but judging by his excellent boulder dodging and surfing, I reckon he must have been doing some private practising in the bath.

At this level the Clyde becomes a bit more technical (though not pushy) for picking lines and dodging boulders. Triple Falls, etc. were all safely negotiated and any wave was pounced upon for surfing practise. As always, Crossford Weir gave great sport in the surf.

Yes, there’s life in the old dogs yet!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old
We grow old because we stop playing.
Better a rainy day in a kayak,
Than a sunny day in the office.