Geraldine had an adventure…

This was my first experience in a sea kayak and I was in doubt as to whether such a long thin vessel would be able to keep me afloat.

Paddlers were: Neil; Eric; Lisa; Jim; Shane; Nola and myself – Geraldine.

I was co-opted to write the trip report as I was first and only one to fall in. Although I didn’t technically capsize, my bum missed the kayak.

The Loch was fantastically still and looking across the water as the mist and cloud spilled over the mountains like white custard sauce over a xmas pudding. There was a sense of beauty to a day not often associated with the month of February.

After going through some safety information, we set off, careful to avoid the fishing lines. Sea kayaks require impressively large turning circles. Under Neil’s expert tutelage, we practiced the simple act of edging which can make such a difference.

For me the stillness of the water gave me the chance to address a nagging fault that causes me to veer off to the right. Having the opportunity to observe my stroke lengths and for want of a better term, foot pressure. I soon got to the root cause of all my kayaking related woes. Paddling in a straight(ish) line from island to island helped me to gain more speed, a little more grace and much more confidence.

We enjoyed lunch on the wallaby island under the ‘no landing sign’ – we honestly didn’t see the sign until we were leaving.

Lisa kindly allowed Nola and I a chance to try out her sit on top kayak, which was very comfortable.

There is one essential item that needs to be added to your emergency kit, that being a toilet roll should your peace be rudely interrupted by an intrusive drone buzzing you overhead.

A wonderful day, great company, free car parking and good weather. What is not to love about kayaking?

My grateful thanks to Neil for facilitating the day.