Across the watter!

Stuart writes…

For once the forecast was right! We met up at 10 on Sunday morning under a blue and mostly cloudless sky at Lunderston Bay and equally unbelievably we were on the water by about 10:30! With nothing more than a F2 forecast we decided on an easy paddle across to Dunoon and after waiting for the ferry to clear we headed on round to “The Pencil” (Lazeretto Point) for lunch. The breeze was chilly though, so we were glad to shelter behind the wall and bask in the sun. Neil then out of nowhere produced a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the launch of his brand new boat but despite giving the bow of the kayak a share, the poor boat remains nameless – perhaps we need a competition to rectify that! ;)

The journey back to the cars was quicker as we were pushed along by the gentle northerly breeze and the wind-blown waves that it created. A moments indecision followed by a wee sprint saw us well clear of a second ferry approaching although we did attract a toot to make sure we knew he was coming! Crossing the turbulence at the stern of the first ferry, held against the ramp by powerful thrusters was reminiscent of the doilies below Campsie Linn on the Tay!

It was a beautiful October paddle with friends and holds the promise or some fine winter paddling to come!

Paddlers: Neil, Tim & Sue, John Gaffney, Celia, Joan and Stuart.